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Total Health Utah caters to anyone that just wants to look and feel their best. No gimmicks or unnecessary up-sells. We will take care of each client personally to make sure you have the most affordable yet very best treatments on the market today. We will keep you informed and give you the options that will keep you, not only, feeling but looking your very best at any age, Male or female!

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The Ultimate Healing System

We created this system to speed up the healing process after an accident. On a pain scale from 1-10, most patients become completely pain free to a pain level of 0-3. Each patient is fully informed of the potential for treatment success before treatment begins. Call today 435.656.2888

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Med Spa Madness?

Why are med spa's so popular now days... because med spa's offer safe, proven techniques that reverse, stop & slow the aging process. Not only can it make us feel good on the outside but on the inside as well. Learn why Total Health Utah's Med Spa isn't like other Med Spa's. Better yourself by learning more about what you are already doing or "should" already be doing to keep your skin and body feeling and looking young.

Total Health WOMEN

We keep it simple! We only offer the highest quality, most researched and tested services to our clients. We will not "upsell" you on unnecessary products or services that don't work. Only the best products and services for the best results. FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN!


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